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How it works


First, we’ll pair you with an elite trainer. All of our trainers have an M.S. and 15+ years of experience.


Receive your Apple Watch, durable gym bag, and hand-written note from your trainer.


Traveling tomorrow? Not to worry. Your trainer can adjust your workouts at a moment's notice.


The difficulty and form of every rep you do is measured automatically. No manual input needed.

What is DeltaTrainer?

Even if you're across the country, your trainer can see and analyze your every rep with our motion analysis technology. From just the movement of your wrist, we detect sets, count reps, estimate difficulty, and grade form. 

Your entire workout is in your ears and completely hands-free. No more checking your phone or watch between every set.

Don't pay $1000 per month for traditional training.


per month

Don't have an Apple Watch?

We'll include a watch in your welcome box for a one time fee of $100.

No contracts. No BS. Cancel at any time.

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Your Welcome Kit

When you sign up with DeltaTrainer, we’ll mail you a starter kit, including an Apple Watch if you don't have one.

Apple Watch

Gym Bag

Custom Bands

Trainer Note

The story of 

We were stuck

Fitness YouTube videos and friends could only get us so far. We needed programming and accountability from a real trainer, but price and our busy schedules kept us away. As athletes and engineers from MIT and Carnegie Mellon, we set out to fix personal training.

AI + Human Trainers

First we built a completely automated workout app, but quickly learned that human trainers cannot be replaced by chatbots and neural networks. That’s why we stopped trying to replace trainers and instead made them superheroes. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It’s great to have a personal trainer to chat with during the workout and beforehand to plan. To not have to think about planning my own workouts reduces the stress associated with gym time for me.”


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