Data Collection

Thank you all for helping us collect some data! If you have not done so already please contact John at john@deltatrainer.fit so that you can set up your tracking code (you won't be able to get paid otherwise and we may ban you if we don't recognize you). By particiapting you agree to our Terms.

DeltaTrainer is a remote training platform that allows personal trainers to see exactly what their clients are doing during a workout. We have patented motion tracking analysis tech that takes data from your Apple watch and automatically tracks your workout. We already track exercises well, but you're going to help us make it even better by performing exercises with SPECIFIC FORM. You will have to perform exercises with various types of proper and improper form which will help our algorithms get stronger!

We are looking for motion data on 3 exercises (each with potentially 5 forms):

We are hoping for 10 sets of each (so 140 sets total). You can always do more or less too.

Some of these are purposefully improper forms, take your time and don't hurt yourself.

BEFORE BEGINNING, you MUST send video(s) of yourself performing a handful of reps of each form to us. We will not count your reps until we have videos of your form on file.

  1. Push ups

    1. Good Form​

    2. Good Kneeling Form

    3. Flaring Elbows Form

    4. Bottom Half Rep Form

    5. Top Half Rep Form

    6. Fist/Knuckles Form

  2.  Dumbbell Curls (only do this if you have actual dumbbells, not homemade ones)
    1. Good Form​
    2. Swinging Form
    3. Leaning Form
    4. Rotating Form
    5. Half Rep Form
  3. Bodyweight Squat - (THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN 'Squats')

    1. Good Form​

    2. Leaning Form

    3. Half Rep Form

We are hoping to get at least 10 sets of each type of exercise from everyone. That's 140 sets total. Remember, a set does not equal a rep. 

Below are detailed instructions on how to use the app and how to perform the exercises

Click here to get App (you will need the Test Flight app too)
Step by step instructions in this pdf:

Using the App:

Push Ups:


Dumbbell Curls

How do you get paid?

Every Saturday night at 8pm Est we will tally up exactly how many sets you performed for the previous week. You will then be paid on a per set basis with a cap at $100 per week. We will review the sets for accuracy and make sure each set has the minimum number of reps. John will then pay you by some electronic means within 48 hours, preferably Venmo. We also reserve the right to end the data collection process and payments at any time. None of this applies to Upwork contractors.

Let's collect data!

Terms: By downloading the DTDataLogger app and participating in this data collecting effort you agree that you are solely responsible for your own safety and health. In accepting this you also recognize that you are not an employee of Deltaband Inc in any fashion. You also agree that Deltaband Inc nor any of Deltaband's employees or associates will be held responsible for any injury that occurs during or as a result of performing a data collection exercise. Consult a physician before performing any exercises.

By downloading or using the DTDataLogger app and/or participating in this data collection project, you agree to let DeltaBand Inc (DBA DeltaTrainer) to record, store and use your personal data for the purposes of improving their technology and services. This data will not be shared with anyone outside of Deltaband and its affliets. You also agree to all the existing terms of service found on deltatrainer.fit