What is remote training?

Remote training is access to a world-class trainer at a fraction of the price of traditional training. Weekly video chats, continuous chat conversion, and extremely personalized workouts. With our motion analysis engine, your trainer can see your every rep and train you as if he or she was right there next to you.

What if I already have an Apple Watch?

Great! If you have an S3 watch or newer then your setup fee is $0.

Why do I need an Apple Watch? What if I don't have one?

We use the inertial sensors of the Apple Watch to analyze your motion and help your trainer "see" what's going on. If you don't have a watch, we'll include one in your welcome box for a one time fee of $100. After your first month of training, the watch is yours to keep!

Which Apple Watch do you send?

We send out new or like-new Series 3 Apple Watches for a one time fee of $100. You can also upgrade to an S5 Apple Watch (40 or 44mm) for an additional $200/$230 respectively (total of $300/$330). 

Do I need cell service for this to work?

No! All you need is a WiFi signal. Many of our members purchase inexpensive, refurbished iPhones (generation 6s or newer) to use as their dedicated workout device. No cell plan is needed for the tracking to work.

How does the motion technology work?

During your workout, we use your Apple Watch to collect hundreds of data points per second. We collect information about your arm position, acceleration, rotation, and much more. We then use our patented motion analysis engine to automatically detect reps, difficulty, pacing, range of motion, and form. This is so much more than heart rate.

Do I choose a trainer?

We will take your goals and experience and automatically pair you with the trainer that best fits you. If you feel like it's not the right fit, let us know and we can always change things up!

Does this work on Android?

Currently we only work with iPhones and Apple Watches. Expect an update for Android users within a few months!​

What am I committing to?

You can workout as little or as much as you want—your trainer will work with you to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals. Your first two weeks of training are free! If you cancel within14 days then you will not be charged. After the first 14 days, your subscription is month-to-month and you can cancel it anytime. 

Is DeltaTrainer available outside the United States?

Currently we are only supporting new clients based in the United States or Canada.

What if I got a watch from you and I want to cancel my free trial?

If you received an Apple Watch from DeltaTrainer and cancel your free trial before your subscription begins, then you have the option of receiving a free return label and sending the Apple Watch back to DeltaTrainer or you can pay an additional $100 to keep the Apple Watch. If you do not make a decision within 7 days after cancelation then we will charge your card on file for the remaining $100 and the watch will be yours to keep.

More Questions?

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