What is remote training?

Remote training is access to a world-class trainer at a fraction of the price of traditional training. Weekly video chats, continuous chat conversion, and extremely personalized workouts. With our motion analysis engine, your trainer can see your every rep and train you as if he or she was right there next to you.

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is required! From nothing to a single dumbbell to a full gym, your trainer will build you effective workouts with what you have available.

Is this for at-home or in the gym?

Both! Our clients workout in living rooms, driveways, gyms, hotels, and basements. Your trainer will design a program for wherever you prefer to workout.

How does the technology work?

During your workout, we use your smart watch to collect hundreds of data points per second. We collect information about your arm position, acceleration, rotation, and much more. We then use our patented motion analysis engine to give you live feedback on your pacing, range of motion, and form. This is so much more than heart rate.

Do I choose a trainer?

After asking you a few questions about your experience and goals, we'll suggest 2-3 trainers who would be a great match for you. You can switch trainers whenever you want.

What am I committing to?

Whether you're aiming to workout once per week or twice per day, your trainer will work with you to make sure you stay safe and accountable. After your 14 day FREE trial, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Do I need cell service for this to work?

No! All you need is a WiFi signal. Many of our clients purchase inexpensive, refurbished iPhones (generation 6s or newer) to use as their dedicated workout device. No cell plan is needed for the tracking to work.

Does this work on Android?

Currently we only work with iPhones and Apple Watches. Expect an update for Android users within a few months!​

Is DeltaTrainer available outside the United States?

Yes! DeltaTrainer is currently available worldwide for those who already have an Apple Watch or those who are able to get an Apple Watch separately. DeltaTrainer cannot ship Apple Watches or welcome boxes internationally though. Note: All weights in the app are in pounds, not kilograms (update coming soon).

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