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DeltaTrainer Version 15

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In DeltaTrainer's most recent update, we've made changes that will help make workouts easier to understand and easier to follow! These changes include:

Focus on your phone!

In version 15, you will now skip, edit, and end exercises directly from your phone. You will also pause/end the workout on your phone.

You can now start workouts directly from the

workout preview!

Instead of controlling your workout with the tiny buttons on your watch, now your phone is where you control your workout from!

To skip to an exercise (even ones you have already done), scroll up and down on the exercise list and tap the exercise you want to skip to.

You start and stop any exercise using the button in the bottom right. You can also edit a set to update the weights you use, number of reps, or time by swiping to the left on the exercise in the exercise list.

Metric System is Now Available!

All weights in the app can now be programmed in kilograms by your trainer!

Progress logs currently do NOT support kilograms; however, they will soon!

2000+ new videos!

We have added over 2000 new exercise videos showing every exercise in HD, from 2 different angles!

With each new video, you will also see primary and secondary muscles activated by the exercise!

New exercises and equipment have been unlocked!

Included in these new videos are hundreds of new exercises. Your trainer now has hundreds of new exercises to choose from when building your program. New exercises and new equipment have been unlocked!

Workouts are no longer just one long list of exercises!

Your trainer can now program specific circuits and supersets (what we call sections) into your workouts!

If you are unfamiliar with sections, they are essentially a group of exercises that we perform multiple times. For example, if you do push ups, jumping jacks, and lunges in the same order three times in a row that would be a section!

Sections will be denoted by an icon with two arrows creating a circle.

In this example, the section will be performed twice. Within each cycle of the section, we will complete 4 sets of Med Ball Curl.

So, in the image above, we are on the second set of Med Ball Curl in the first cycle of this section. By the end of the section, we will have completed 8 sets of Med Ball Curl.

The Watch app has a fresh design!

The Apple watch app has been updated to complement the phone. You can still see information about your workout and control parts of your exercise, but we removed a lot of the clutter. The simplified design improves the connectivity of the watch and makes the workout easier to control from the phone.

From the new watch app you'll be able to skip rest times, end timed workouts, and manually end rep based exercises all with one simple tap.

All your exercise information is still displayed directly on the watch for quick viewing. It will also let you know once it begins analyzing and automatically tracking your movements.

Phone-Only Mode — no watch needed!

Apple Watch running out of battery? Forgot the watch at home? Have a friend who wants to sign up but can't get an Apple Watch? No worries!

You can now perform all workouts using only the phone! This means you can start a workout, pause it, and skip exercises all from the phone itself. We still strongly encourage using the watch for all workouts because it allows your trainer to see a lot more information about your workout. However, we know that sometimes we don't always have our watch ready when we want to workout. This update will allow for a completely watch-less workout!


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