Trainer Spotlight: Nate Frezzell

The first time Nate Frezzell tried weightlifting, he could barely bench the bar.

He was 13 years old, about 115 pounds, and scrawny. But he was also an athlete, a fast one, and wanted to play football; but everyone told him he was too skinny. The more he played, the more he faced massive players (a few of which went on to play in the NFL) and he felt an increasing need to hit the gym.

“I was a skinny kid, couldn’t put on weight for anything,” Frezzell says. After his first feeble attempt at lifting, his motivation skyrocketed.

“Everything was pushing towards getting stronger. I started researching things myself and figured out the best ways to do it."

Throughout high school, he got stronger. By his senior year, he was bench-pressing double his weight and squatting almost three times his weight. People took notice. People who wanted to get stronger like he did, or athletes wanting to have a set workout plan during the off season.

Since then, Nate become much more than an athlete - he is a teacher, trainer, companion, and role model to hundreds of people.

As a personal trainer, Frezzell’s philosophy revolves around accountability, health, and mobility. His clients range from 86 to 13 years old. He also teaches Group X and physical education classes at Carnegie Mellon University, where he has worked for the last seven years.

Some clients aren’t sure exactly where to start, and it’s Frezzell’s job to get them more comfortable with their goals and plans moving forward. Others have the desire to be in the gym on their own, but again, aren’t exactly sure what to do, and Frezzell provides a detailed program to help them reach their goals.

As one of the first trainers to join the DeltaTrainer team, Frezzell is excited about the app because of its reach and communicative features.

“I do love training people, but there’s only so much reach that I can have training people face to face, because I can’t be everywhere. I had been looking for a way to train remotely that I had confidence in.”

DeltaTrainer tracks all the exercise moments and the information is immediately sent to Frezzell after clients complete a workout. He can also see if they are having a hard time with a particular exercise, as well as the level of satisfaction clients say they have after the workout. And all the data is stored and organized in the trainer module — he doesn’t have to look back through old notes or do calculate a specific percent of a client’s maximum weight.

“I spend a lot less time on little things, and I can focus on the actual exercise plan for a person,”

With DeltaTrainer, Frezzell can focus on what he does best: help make people as healthy as possible, even if they don’t know exactly what that is yet. Whatever their specific goals, he will teach them exercise patterns that make them healthier people.

Want to train with Nate? He's got slots available. Just download the app to get started.

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